Why frameless glass pool fencing is a wise investment

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It’s finally time! You’ve decided on the swimming pool you want to install, and you’ve probably thought about the safety and security of that space as well. We have good news for you: now is the time to start talking about and planning your frameless glass pool fencing.

This process can be difficult if you are attempting to make the decision on your own, because there are numerous pool fencing options available, but more importantly, you must ensure that these potential safety fences comply with current Standards.

A list of swimming pools that used frameless glass pool fences will be featured. Examine how they did the design and how it affected the overall appeal of the pool and the house. Scroll down to see the beautiful pool designs with glass pool fences below.

Glass pool fencing projects

#Project 1: Scarborough Frameless Glass Pool Fence


This beautiful glass pool fence was installed in Scarborough, Perth, WA. Glass pool fencing was quoted, measured, and installed during the installation. It features frameless glass pool fencing and stainless steel spigots.

#Projects 2: Frameless glass pool fences at Barefoot Bay Villa: a luxurious new holiday home in Byron Bay

Barefoot Bay Villa glass pool fences

Frameless glass pool fences fixed with glass standoffs at Barefoot Bay Villa: a luxurious new holiday home in Byron Bay.

#Project 3: Pool glass railings in the Greater Toronto Area

Glass railings for pools in the Toronto Area

Glass Pool Railings and Fencing have recently grown in popularity. When it comes to pool security, nothing beats a glass pool fence and railing because it is a great way to keep your pool safe. Glass fencing and railings protect your pool by acting as a shield.



A hot tub with a view of the lake is located on the lake house’s deck. The customer enclosed it with a frameless glass railing system finished in a custom matte black powder coat.

#Project 5: Noosa Villa glass fence

Noosa Villa

This modern pool is surrounded by a glass fence, which adds to its beauty. The royal blue ceramic tile adds a classic touch while still maintaining the modern look!

#Projects 6: Maroubra House Sydney glass pool fence


Frameless glasses with stainless steel spigots unobstructed the views of this pool and complemented its design really well.

#Projects 7: Palm Beach candles’ calm and coastal home Glass pool fencing

Palm Beach candles' calm and coastal home

The founder of one of Australia’s most iconic candles scented offered a glimpse of her suitably coastal home. Step inside the house where Palm Beach candles were born. This glass fence allows the homeowners to see the patio while swimming.

#Project 8:Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane | Pool Fences Brisbane

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane

Pool fencing and glass pool fencing are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, adding safety and value to your home or property. This latest safety glass pool fencing in Brisbane offers a variety of modern and traditional design options.

#Project 9: Kellyville Frameless Glass Fencing

Kellyville Frameless Glass Fencing

Kellyville Frameless Glass Pool Fence with Travertine Tiles The District Kellyville is situated in Sydney’s North Western Suburbs. This frameless glass pool fencing was core drilled into travertine tile and has one gate and duplex stainless steel spigots.

Framless glass pool fences pricing(cost) and installation

The cost of Frameless glass pool fences

How much frameless glass pool fencing costs is a frequently asked question by homeowners.

We investigated some glass pool fencing installers in Australia and discovered the following pricing information for your reference:

  • Glass Pool Fencing with No Frame between $250 and $350 per metre
  • Glass Balustrade with No Frame $350 to $450 per square metre
  • Glass Balustrade with No Frame $650 to $950 per square metre

Each glass pool fencing project will incur additional costs, as previously stated. Items such as removing old fencing or balustrades will be priced upon application, earthing will cost between $20-30 per meter, and pool fencing certification will require the services of a third party.

Frameless glass pool fencing is the most effective type of pool fence and it is simply stunning.


step 1 - Plan, Measure and order

Use the Glass Fencing Planner and Material List Guide Glass Brochure. Work out materials and quantities of glass panels & hardware.

Step 2: Chalk line

Use a chalk line to set out the fence perimeter. The chalk line is to be the centre of the fence

Step 3: Spigot Positions

Determine the locations of the spigots and mark out the 4 holes to be used on the base plate (choose a hole on each side of the spigot for security) and drill the holes suitable for the fixings.

Step 4: Insert Glass Panels

Using the specified fixings fasten the spigot into position. Fit the cover plate over the base of the spigot before installing the glass panels.

Step 5: Insert glass panels

Loosen both grub screws on the side of the spigot using the Allen key that is supplied. Inspect the glass panels for any damage before installing and using a two man lift for the glass panels, lift them into place, making sure the plastic insert of the spigot is in place before doing so.

Step 6: Final Ajustments

Check that the glass panel is in the correct position using the panel spacing chart (on reverse) and tighten the grub screws on the side of the spigot.

Step 7: attach connector brackets

If using the optional connector brackets, position to desired height and tighten with an allen key.

Frameless glass pool fencing features and why should you invest it.

Extraordinary Durability

While it appears fragile, frameless glass pool fencing is extremely strong and long-lasting. Tempered safety glass is 1/2″ thick and six times stronger than regular glass. Glass pool fencing systems are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use, setting the industry standard for superior quality and durability.

Low Maintenance

Frameless glass pool fences are made of tempered safety glass and marine grade stainless steel to last a lifetime. Duplex stainless steel hardware is corrosion and rust resistant. Unlike traditional fencing, there is no need for refinishing or maintenance. Cleaning is both simple and infrequent. Every few months, a simple wipe down with mild soapy water will keep your glass fence sparkling.

Stunning Clear Views

Frameless glass fences are nearly invisible, allowing you to see the entire pool and landscape. Glass fencing is ideal for any location where you want the security of a fence without blocking the view. It has an elegant, minimalist appearance that can turn any backyard into an outdoor oasis. Our glass fencing is ideal for decks, gardens, and patios in addition to pools.

On time and within budget

Inox star hardware is proud to offer customers the industry’s lowest prices and fastest delivery times. Because of our constant flow of inventory, we are able to meet your schedule. Lead times for residential projects range from 2 weeks to 3-4 weeks for large commercial projects. 

Secured area

Frameless glass pool fence systems for pools and spas are an unobtrusive barrier that provides top-rated safety without detracting from the natural beauty of your surroundings.

The glass gates blend in with the flow of the fence while still providing secure access to the area. Specially designed hinges support the tailor cut glass that swings open to form the gate.

Extraordinary aesthetic

Most homeowners prioritize added beauty and value when it comes to enhancing a backyard pool with a touch of luxury.

In any case, custom frameless glass pool fencing is the best option for achieving a stylish inground pool look while also ensuring swimmer safety during the summer (or year round if weather in your location allows it).

Delivered to your door

All you have to do after ordering your pool fencing system from the comfort of your own home is wait for it to be delivered to your door.

DIY And Easy To Install

Frameless glass deck railing systems and pool fencing are specifically designed for home installation.

It is available for uncomplicated installation. As a pool owner, you can hire a contractor or a handyman to install frameless glass pool fencing safely and securely, but is it difficult to install frameless glass pool fencing yourself?

Not at all when you get hardware from Inox Star Hardware that is made of the highest quality grade materials and is specifically designed for DIY installation.

Glass pool fence required materials

Tempered glass Panels

All pool fence glass panels are 1200mm high and made of toughened and heat soaked glass that is 12mm thick.

The width of the panels ranges from 200mm to 2000mm. Because there are no holes in the frameless pool fencing glass, it can be used with friction spigots and a top mount handrail (if desired).

Glass panels are also available with hole drilling.

tempered glass

Glass pool fencing spigot

The Inox star hardware glass spigot is ideal for commercial or residential use and has a modern aesthetic.

Shimming the base of the spigot will easily align the glass. No glass drilling is required for our glass spigot.

Inox star hardware glass spigot supplier offers a variety of designs for glass thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 21.52mm.

150mm Round Base Plated Glass Spigot - matte black

Glass pool fencing Hinge

The glass hinges are made of high-quality 304 316 stainless steel or brass, which ensures their quality and durability.

The stainless steel was subjected to salt spray testing to ensure that it had the highest corrosion resistance of any stainless steel.

In addition to the standard glass hinge, Inox Star Hardware offers spring glass door hinges, hydraulic glass door hinges, and other types of glass door hinges.

180 Degree Glass to Glass Shower Hinge

Glass pool fencing Latch

  • Investment casting manufacturing
  • Fricton Fit to hinge panel, no glass holes
  • Suite 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm glass
  • 8-12mm glass gates are suitable. Mirror and brushed satin finishes are available.
  • Duplex stainless steel 2205 provides superior corrosion resistance.
Inline 180 Glass To Glass Stainless Steel Latch-Mirror

Glass railing system fittings

Inox Star Hardware specializes in glass railing hardware such as floor mount brackets, standoffs, glass clamps, handrail support saddle stems, handrail connectors, railing end cap flange covers, and other accessories.

The goal of Inox Star Hardware glass railing hardware suppliers is to provide the best service and products possible. Contact us at any time if you need a professional glass railing hardware supplier!

-Glass clamp

Glass clamps and glass clamp connectors from Inox Star Hardware are designed to securely hold glass panels in place. We can provide a wide range of sizes and shapes of glass clamps or glass clamp connectors to meet your needs based on architectural requirements around the world. Inox Star Hardware glass clamps are made of 304, 316 stainless steel, or zinc and fit 6mm to 21.5mm glass.

Furthermore, we provide an easy installation method for creating a glazed system between posts, as well as a surface, finished in a variety of colors.

D Shape Glass Clamp with Radius Back -matte black

-Glass standoff

standard round and square standoffs, custom standoffs, cap assemblies, tube style standoffs, edge grips, and slot mount standoffs, for example. The glass standoff fittings can be used individually or in combination to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Where Can You Use Glass Standoffs?

The Inox Star Hardware glass standoff can be used to secure architectural panels, photography, and artwork in the locations listed below.

  • Exhibit galleries
  • Retail displays
  • Restaurant
  • Commercial application
5030 Adjustable Glass Standoff-Black

-Glass handrail

All exterior applications require the highest grade of 316 stainless steel material for posts, screws, and handrail. To keep costs low and make it cost effective, Inox Star Hardware uses 304 stainless steel for interior glass rail systems.


-Top clips

Top clips are an entirely optional addition to your frameless glass fence. Stainless steel top clips connect glass panels to provide rigidity and reduce movement when pressure is applied. They ensure perfect alignment of glass panels and have a clean, minimal appearance.

Top clips can also be used as floating indicators to improve visibility of the fence in low-light situations. Because there are no holes in the glass, installation is simple.

frameless glass pool fencing

How to customized glass pool fencing

The Inox Star Hardwre product line will not disappoint if you are looking for modern, streamlined, non-invasive, and superior frameless glass pool fencing.

Glass railings are made to order according to the specifications of your project. We have many options available to help you design a truly unique railing.

This begins with the various railing shapes available. You can’t go wrong with this. There is a shape that will meet your needs while also displaying the elegance that you expect from your pool, and it can also enhance your balcony, patio, or deck area.

As shown below, your frameless glass pool fencing can be easily customized to fit even the most difficult pool or deck application.


In-line glass pool Fence

The most basic frameless glass pool railing system, designed for pools surrounded by three walls.


Enclosed glass pool fence

The most common type of pool glass fence, completely encircling an inground pool.


U-shape glass pool fence

Ideal for pool decks or inground pools attached to your house.


L-shape glass pool fence

For inground pools with corners.

Irregular shape glass pool fence

Custom fabrication as per clients’ request.

frameless glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing environment and applications

Residental Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fence systems are elegant and modern, increasing security without sacrificing aesthetics.

Glass pool fences are built to keep your family safe and to meet pool code requirements.

Climb-resistant tempered glass panels, clear views to monitor children, and pool gates with “soft close” self-closing hinges and lockable latches are among the safety features.

There’s a reason why parents and neighbors rely on frameless glass pool fencing to keep their loved ones safe.

glass pool fencing projects

Commercial Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing is ideal for new commercial, multifamily, and hospitality construction or renovation.

The frameless glass pool fence system complies with building codes and is supported by stamped engineering.

Tempered glass fences are durable and low maintenance, making them ideal for high traffic areas in multifamily complexes and hotels.

It can be provided with a variety of ADA-approved commercial pool gates that can withstand heavy use. They have a frameless gate, keypad entry, and a fully-framed panic bar system available for your selection.

glass fence


Frameless glass pool fencing is the clear winner in pool fencing design in terms of strength, safety, durability, visibility, and sheer good looks, and it deserves serious consideration if you’re installing a new swimming pool or upgrading an existing pool fence.

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