21 Unique DIY Fencing Ideas You Can Build For Your Yard

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One of these do-it-yourself fence ideas will add style and privacy to your outdoor space.

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1. Salvage Yard Fence

To make this fence, go to a local antique shop and request all of their cuts of barn wood in a variety of colors. You could also try to find some antique windows and incorporate them into the fence design. The end result is a stunning one-of-a-kind patchwork fence.

Salvage Yard Fence

2. Paint Makeover

Consider your fence to be a blank canvas that can be transformed into art! The bright red flowers complement the red accents on the house. If you lack artistic ability, a large-scale stencil can achieve the same effect.

Paint Makeover

3. Mesh Wire Fence

Build a wood and wire mesh fence with these DIY plans. The wire panels are made from 6-gauge powder-coated wire, providing durable security without blocking your view.

Mesh Wire Fence

4. Install a Vinyl Fence

A board-and-rail vinyl fence is relatively simple to install, and the average vinyl fence will last approximately 20 years. (The length of the manufacturer’s warranty on your fence should give you an idea of what to expect.) Vinyl fencing requires almost no maintenance and, unlike wood, is resistant to rot and termites.

The key to the proper installation is to make sure the posts are plumb and in a straight line.

Vinyl Fence

5. Door Fence

Here’s a truly unique fence idea made entirely of reclaimed doors! The use of doors, as well as the variety of colors and distressed finishes, add to the vintage charm.

To make your own, look for inexpensive doors at thrift stores and salvage yards, then install them in a row around your yard. Apply your favorite waterproof sealer to protect its finish from the elements.

Door Fence

6. Deck Privacy Fence

A privacy fence on your deck can keep out nosy neighbors as well as wind and sun. Build with construction-grade cedar, which is widely available at home improvement stores.

The project entails carefully removing existing deck railing components and then attaching cedar posts directly to the deck. The finished product is beautiful from every angle and transforms your deck into a cozy retreat. Check out these cheap fence ideas if you’re looking for some low-cost options.

Deck Privacy Fence

7. DIY Fence Topper

Attach a fence topper to an existing wood fence to make the dreamy garden feel more secluded. This is a simple and inexpensive way to make your outdoor space more private without replacing your entire fence.

Before installing these wood trellis toppers, stain the wood (or use a clear varnish) to protect it from the elements.

DIY Fence Topper

8. DIY Hurdle Fence Panels

You can buy willow hurdle fence panels (also known as wattle fencing) or make your own using materials from your own backyard. The end result is stunning!

The uprights are made of thicker branches, with thinner branches are woven in between to form a solid fence.

DIY Hurdle Fence Panels

9. DIY Lattice Fence

Lattice fencing may appear flimsy in concept, but it can be strengthened with cement or wooden beams on either side. You can also use it as a unique accent on a more traditional wooden fence. When paired with greenery and blooms, the lattice is quite lovely.

After leveling the ground and securing the posts, they used a nail gun to attach horizontal wood boards every three inches. They then repeated the process with vertical boards. The resulting square-shaped lattice looks more contemporary and will only get better as their hydrangea vine grows.

Expect to pay between $2 and $20 per foot.

DIY Lattice Fence

10. Pallet fencing

Pallets are a popular DIY material, particularly for building a yard fence. They begin as flat transport structures to facilitate stacking and lifting large objects. They can be cut into slats or left whole for the project. Because the spaces between the slats are typically small, pallets make excellent yard fencing that requires little assembly. This option appeals to us because it exemplifies recycling at its finest.

Expect to spend: Perhaps nothing! If you ask, many local construction companies, farms, and warehouses will give them to you. Just make sure you have a vehicle capable of transporting them.

Pallet fencing

11. Split rail

Split rail fences are typically found on farms and ranches. They were an easy and inexpensive way to corral animals and mark off property boundaries because they were relatively cheap fencing. But you don’t have to live on the range to appreciate split rail fences’ rustic appearance. Save money by making your own or purchasing them ready to hang. This is one of our favorites because you can make them yourself if you’re handy or on a tight budget.

Expect to pay between $3 and $20 per foot.

Split rail

12. Chainlink

Even though chain link fences are an excellent choice for low-cost fencing, some people find them unsightly. Why are we recommending chain link unless you’re fencing in a new puppy? It’s a simple reason… Its simplicity makes it extremely adaptable. Getting chain link in different colors or pairing it with wood accents makes a huge difference in terms of aesthetics.

Expect to pay between $1.30 and $3.00 per foot.


13. Bamboo fences

In warmer climates, you can grow your own bamboo fence by planting it along the desired line and allowing it to grow. If you prefer dry bamboo, plant it in a convenient location until it reaches the desired height. Then you can cut it down, dry it, and use it as a fence. Bamboo grows extremely quickly, reaching heights of 36 inches in 24 hours. Bamboo fencing can also be purchased in pre-made rolls. If you live near wildlife, bamboo will keep them away. This is a fantastic idea if you value sustainability and environmentally friendly options.

Expect to pay between $1.60 and $10 per foot of fencing and six feet tall.

Bamboo fences

14. Split rail and mesh

Like the price and appearance of a split rail fence but find it insufficiently secure? Combine split rail with mesh if you want to close gaps or have a fence that keeps the dog inside. They’re also great for keeping predators out of a vegetable garden. It is not only inexpensive, but it also provides excellent coverage for protecting your vegetable garden from hungry predators.

Expect to pay between $0.50 and $1.00 per linear foot.

Split rail and mesh

15. Concrete fencing

When security and privacy are important, concrete can be an affordable fencing option. Use pure concrete for maximum coverage, or break up the design with brick or wood accents. You may need to hire professionals for this one, which may increase the cost.

Expect to pay between $5 and $10 per 80 pounds of concrete.

Concrete fencing

16. Barbed wire

Barbed wire is most commonly associated with farmland and is used for security rather than aesthetics. A barbed wire yard fence can be used to keep animals or people out of an area for a low cost. This is the best option for coverage in a wide-open area or where extra security is required.

Expect to pay between $1.50 and $2 per foot.

Barbed wire fencing

17. Recycle leftovers

Using recycled materials can be inexpensive and environmentally friendly, which benefits everyone. Recycled materials can range from old metal sheets artfully pieced together to the still-solid pieces of an old wooden fence sorted in varying lengths and painted.

Expect to spend: Nothing except nails and paint.

Recycle leftovers fencing

18. Living fences

Growing your own “living fence” as an alternative method of yard fencing if you have a green thumb and want to be eco-friendly. Hedge plants like privet or boxwood are usually your best bet. You can go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, but it may be less expensive to work with a local landscaping company or greenhouse. We love eco-friendly options and the idea of being able to tell your guests that you built this fence!

Expect to pay between $1 and $2 per foot of hedging.

Living fences

19. Wattle fencing

Wattle fencing is not only inexpensive, but also an exciting DIY project. Wattle fencing is made by weaving thin branches of wood through vertically placed stakes, and an online tutorial is readily available. Make it a beautiful family project by trying something new. Source from your own trees or ask a neighbor or local business if you can purchase some of their branches. This is an enjoyable and challenging project in which you can involve your neighbors.

Expect to spend: None or very little.

Wattle fencing

20. Chicken wire

A chicken wire garden fence is probably the most well-known type of low-cost fencing. It’s a dirt-cheap way to keep pesky critters at bay. Chicken wire is lightweight and unobtrusive. It’s simple to put together with wood supports and can be made quite appealing with stain or wood like oak and cedar. We like it because it is both versatile and affordable.

Expect to pay between $0.10 and $0.30 per linear foot.

Chicken wire

21. Glass fencing

A Glass Fence is easier to install and more affordable than you might think. Many people would like to use glass for their pool fence but think it’s out of their budget. In the past, glass was an expensive option, however, with the large range of standard-size panels that are now available, the price has come down.

Inox Star Hardware can supply or fence the required glass with glass fencing hardware. These panels are all 1200mm high and range in width from 200mm to 2000mm in 50mm increments. If you can stick to these panels the price is almost one-third of custom-cut sizes for glass. By using different size panels and adjusting the spacing between the panels, it’s easy to do this.  

With some simple planning, a glass pool fence will not only be a cost-effective solution it will also add the quality finish that only comes by using glass.

swimming pool fence

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