Tube connector

Product Code: INOX-HC-010

Material: SS304, 316

Surface: Satin; Mirror; Powder Coating; PVD

Weight: 0.27kg;

Tube size: 42.4mm, 48.3mm


Tubing joints by Inoxstar are coupling pieces that are required in order to connect tubes, in other words: to attach the baluster to the handrail or knee rail.

Our handrail tube fittings are design to have a seamless transition to our posts and and handrail tubes. Designed for a flush fit to provide you with a simple and clean way to join tubes together to meet the structural strength requirements. Installation is quick and easy, simply glue the ends, insert into your tube and leave to set.

These are coupling pieces for continuous tube, 45 and 90 degree corner pieces and T-pieces that allow you to make bends and junctions. The corner pieces can be delivered at right angles or in a bend.

Here, you can also choose between stainless steel type 304 or type 316 (more resistant to corrosion). Assembly is quick and simple: cut and bond.


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