Standard Glass To Round Post Spring Hinge

Product Code: INOX-HGR-001

Weight: 0.8kg

Glass Thickness: Suit 8-12mm Glass

Surface: Satin; Mirror; Powder Coating; PVD


The use of a pair of glass hinges together with a magnetic latch maximizes safety and reduces access to the water. These components help prevent drowning but do not replace close monitoring. Hinge is used to connect glass and gate, allowing them to do the relative rotation of the mechanical device.

The standard glass safety gate hinge is a high-quality 316 Stainless Steel, self-closing safety hinge. Hinges are ideal for the security fence around a swimming pool and can be installed on glass panels and walls or posts (square or round).

 De-tensioning a Spring Hinge

  1. Insert the adjustment tool into one of the holes at the top of the hinge;
  2. Over a bench or table, rotate the tool approx. 120° anticlockwise (against the tension) and hold the tension;
  3. Remove the loose-fitting stop-pin and store safely until re-tensioning;
  4. Allow the tool in the collar to return to its original position;
  5. Remove the tool – the hinge is now de-tensioned;
  6. Repeat for the other hinge.

 Re-tensioning the Hinges:

  1. Re-insert the stop-pin by rotating the collar with the holes by use of the adjustment tool;
  2. Holding the tension, insert the stop-pin into one of the holes;
  3. Now test for desired tension – the stop pins location can be changed to increase or decrease the tension.


  • 316 Stainless Steel Quality
  • Suits 8,10,12mm Glass Panel & Round Post
  • Hinge Gap Allowance is 12mm
  • Includes all required fittings
  • In order to ensure that the pulley lasts smoothly and silently, lubricating oil can be added regularly every 2-3 months for maintenance.


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