Round handrail flat end cap

Product Code: INOX-EC-001

Tube diameter:48.3mm;

Weight: 0.075kg;

Surface: Satin; Mirror; Powder Coating

Material:Stainless steel 304/316


Our high quality handrail flat end cap provide a modern look to your home while offering the highest quality 304 Stainless Steel Finish. Inoxstar also offer round tube and post to ensure your frameless glass railing project has the perfect finish.

Handrail flat end cap commonly used in Handrail Systems. They are designed to be used in conjunction with    stainless  steel  tube and other handrail fittings to create functional handrails of all shapes and sizes.Made of 304 Stainless Steel the round handrail end cap is design to seamlessly fit our 48.3mm handrail tube.This handrail end cap is simple to install – all you do is tap it in place with a mallet.A variety of surface finishes make your handrail look stylish.



Superior corrosion resistance with stainless steel 304/316

Manufactured by investment casting

Suits dia 48.3mm round tube

Tube thickness is 2mm/2.5mm

Available in satin,mirror and matt black

Easy to install

Lifetime warranty


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