Mechanical parts of lost wax casting

Casting thickness:More than 2 mm

Casting material:Carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,structural steel,tool steel,nickel alloy etc.

Surface:According to customer requirements

Tolerance:According to drawing

OEM service:Available

Machining process:CNC lathe


Investment casting is widely used in food machinery parts, agricultural machinery parts, mining machinery parts.

Investment casting provides consistent and repetitive close tolerances along with intricate passages and contours. Many of these configurations are impossible to produce. For example, where machine tools cannot reach. Achieving net-shape or near-net-shape cast components can dramatically reduce post-cast processing costs.

Investment casting process known as lost wax casting and precision casting.It can make versatile and Intricate shapes.

The mechanical parts manufactured by precision casting with good mechanical properties, the surface is more exquisite than sand casting, and the precision of CNC machining is higher after casting to meet the needs of different mechanical parts.


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