Flat Handrail bracket-INOXHB-005

Product Code: INOXHB-005

Height: 115mm

Weight: 0.2kg;

Surface: Satin; Mirror; Powder Coating; PVD

Handrail Size: Suit 42.4mm handrail pipe


Our high-quality Flat Handrail bracket

provides a modern look to your handrail while offering the highest quality 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Finish. Use this stylish adjustable saddle, and 180-degree bracket to link the square profile to the round profile baluster posts found here. The sharp lines and corners of this balusters system will transform your designs with straighter and more modern-looking components.

When building or remodeling, staircases are functionally important, and they also add some style to a home.

Handrail brackets are used to attach the staircase railing to a wall or baluster post to another profile. They offer support for the thousands of times the railing is grabbed when going up and down the stairs. After proper installation, the brackets provide safety for stair users by keeping the railing secure.

Handrail brackets come in many styles and help with creating a staircase that is visually stunning and functioning at its best on a daily basis. They don’t stand out, but they are visible and important.


  • Superior corrosion resistance with 316 or 304duplex stainless steel
  • used to mount square profile to the round profile baluster posts
  • 2 holes in one metal bracket to provide support and strength
  • suitable for most decorative styles
  • Warranty 10 years – Conditions Apply


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