auto parts investment casting

Casting thickness: More than 2 mm

Casting material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, structural steel, tool steel, nickel alloy, etc.

Surface: According to customer requirements

Tolerance: According to drawing

OEM service: Available

Machining process: CNC lathe


You need a highly accurate, intricate shape: Investment casting manufacturers achieve tolerances of 0.05 percent of the length. For small dimensions, tolerances of 0.15 percent are possible. A metal or alloy is difficult to fabricate or machine: Many metals are great for casting, including bronzes, aluminum alloys, stainless steels, tool steels, Stellite, Hastelloy, and precious metals.

You need a part you can’t manufacture using traditional techniques: Steel investment casting is ideal for making airplane components or complex turbine blades that must withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.

Creating safety-critical applications: Because of the incredible accuracy awarded by investment casting, many of ours are used in critical automotive applications. We must carefully control malleability, tensile strength, and metallurgy.

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