aluminum alloy U channel balcony railing-INOX002A


Clear views from any area enclosed by parapet walls

  1. The easy glass-up base shoe is ultra-slender at only 80nn high.
  2. Light and medium-use railings for indoor and outdoor parapet walls
  3. Compatible with glass infills up to 700mm high
  4. Convenient installation from inside the railing
  5. Quick and easy glass mounting with the unique Safety wedge system(wedges and rubber set)


Aluminum Base Shoe Glass Railing/frameless glass channel railing/aluminum channel glass balustrade is floor mounting glass channel railing system, also wall side mounting is available. Aluminum material  6063 with excellent corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use. it’s finished with a stainless steel color, powder coating color, and wood grain in many decoration designs.

Featuring a clean, minimalistic styling, the Inoxstar Glass Railing System is the safest and sturdiest for commercial and high-end residential buildings. The railings are forged in solid 1 ¾ x 5/8″ bars. Modern and minimalistic, the Inoxstar Glass Railing system is your best choice for your home or business.


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